The Happy-Hoods Story

This product started when Carri saw so many hoodies out in the world with skeletons and crossbones on them. Although those logos are just fine, Carri just wanted to see something more happy and positive. Carri started talking about it with some the local youth. The buzz she started to hear from these kids were "Hey Carri, Happy-Hoods Don’t Bully." Carri said "Well let’s give it a try, but you have to be part of it."

So here we are, almost 4 years later and have made available our custom sweatshirts at events in town, at the school, in stores and on line. The Happy-Hoods Anti- Bully pledge has been pledged by people from California, Belgium, London and Ogden, Utah. Happy-Hoods presented an Anti-bully assembly at our Bishop Middle School. Bishop Elementary School put on an assembly by creating a video. This was all done with the help of the many youth in this area and wonderful adults that care for the future of these kids and only want to see them succeed.

As of today, we have started a Happy-Hoods Club; students come at lunch time one day a week and discuss ways to prevent bullying in their school in the library at the Home Street School in Bishop, California. The school principal and counselor have been great supporters of Happy-Hoods from the first day 4 years ago.  


Take the Pledge

Please become part of the solution:
raise your right hand and repeat
our anti-bully pledge.

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